AM2+ and DDR3 ?

Currently I have a ROG ASUS Crosshair II Formula motherboard with AMD Phenom II x4 940 CPU and 4x1GB DDR2 ram.
I just purchased 2x4GB DDR3 memory by mistake that will not work on this MBD.
Is there a MBD that can take the above Phenom CPU and DDR3 memory vailable?
I use my system for gaming mostly.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
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  1. After more research I guess it is not possible. Guess my options are:
    Toss DDR3 and pay thru the nose for 8GB DDR2 memory or keep the DDR3 memory and replace the CPU and MBD.
  2. Hello Vichart :)
    Socket AM2+ cpu's do not have DDR3 controller. You "essentially" need DDR2 to work with your cpu let alone the fact that you can't stick DDR3 modules in DDR2 slots.

    Replacing both the cpu and the board is a much Viable option as going AM3+ will allow you to jump through three generations of AMD architectures namely Bulldozer, Piledriver and Steamroller.

  3. The C2-stepping AMD Phenom II x4 940/920 do not have DDR3 capability, however, all other Phenom II Denebs have DDR2/DDR3 capability.

    You just missed the 965 Black Edition Deneb for $85 (it's back to $100, now) which would likely clock nicely in your Crosshair II, well beyond the 940BE. It will move (when you are ready) to any AM3+ motherboard with your DDR3.

    If you snagged the DDR3 at a decent price, the 965BE would be your least-expensive option for a nice boost in performance while further extending the life of your current platform (which is still quite stout depending upon your video)
  4. replace cpu and mobo and jump through the hoop.
  5. let us know how much you'd like to spend on cpu and mobo
  6. I must admit that I am on limited income so I would like to keep the cost of MBD and CPU below $200 if at all possible. I just upgraded the Crosshair II BIOS to allow AM3 compatibility as far as CPU is concerned but that does not solve the DDR3 issue. Any suggestion on a good economy option would be appreciated.
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