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Yesterday I bought an HDMI-HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my 32 inch samsung CRT TV. When i start the computer the connection works for a few seconds, after that the TV ,which is on the HDMI chanel, has a blue screen with the message "No Signal" on the screen. Please help as the cable cost me £20 and is non-retunable unless faulty. Thank you in advance for any help you may give.
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  1. I looked Online and found very little helpfull, but i do now think i have found the problem. My laptop seems to be recognizing its own attached monitor S both screen 1 and 2 when I right click on my Desktop, choose screen resolution then ask my computer to identify my screens my TV continues to say "No Signal" but on my laptop screen i get 1|2 comming up in large white numbers. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. yes.
    first. can you tell me what video card you have in your laptop?
  3. It is an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200.
  4. do you have ccc ??
  5. What is ccc?
  6. catalyst control center
  7. Yes I do.
  8. ok, have you tryed to do anything thru that?
  9. Yes but i did not find it helped.
  10. what have you tried so far?
  11. well i fiddled about with the resolution and the refresh rate but that is as far as my knowledge extends.
  12. oh i see.. well open CCC and under Display options tell me what is checked and what is not
  13. Sorry but I can't find display options.
  14. could you help me to find out how to get to ccc as when i try to get there through right clicking on the desktop it takes me to some AMD vision thing.
  15. does it say my displays? or something like that
  16. yes i is the one.. just new version
  17. It says Desktop Management, common display tasks and my built-in displays.
  18. i will install CCC on my pc so i can help.. have to wait a bit
  19. Tank you, you really are being very helpfull.
  20. ok..
    under desktop management
    create and arranging desktops..
    does it show 2 monitors or 1?
  21. 2 my laptop and my samsung TV both are labeled with a large ! in a circle.
  22. hold on.. that's weird.
    turn on your tv and than click in ccc identify
  23. or detect tv's
  24. displays i meant
  25. I clicked detect and identify, all that happened was a 1 appeared on my laptop for a few seconds.
  26. yes but did number 2 appeared on TV?
  27. you have to check both same time..
  28. No the Tv is on a blue screen the only things on it are a message in the corner saying "HDMI" and one in the centre that says "No Signal"
  29. Do you have a hot key like Fn + another key that swaps between monitors (Screens)?
    OK Just plugged my Samsunsung laptop into my 27" HDTV. All that I did was Hit Fn + F4 and bang, my desktop was on the HDTV (Hdmi input).
  30. I'm not sure, I have heard people say that Fn+F8 does that, but on my keyboard it adjusts the brightness.
  31. go to:..-> common display tasks
    than Detect displays and see if for both displays is green check on them
  32. There is a large green tick over my laptop and above the TV at the same height are the words "Detection is complete."
  33. if the detection is complete than try to restart laptop and keep everything connected. leave tv on
  34. A couple points:
    1) Your TV may be jumping to a different HDMI connection if it detects an issues. I DOUBT this is the problem, but verify that the HDMI input (i.e. "HDMI 1" matches the shown screen when it shows "no display.")

    2) Clone mode:
    If you are in CLONE mode (show same thing on both screens) you may have issues. You need to have completely different settings for each screen. i.e. Screen #1 (your laptop) is the MAIN screen and your HDTV is the EXTENDED.

    3) Try changing your TV to the MAIN screen and have NO EXTENDED screen at all just to test if this is possible. If so, you'll see nothing on the laptop and the TV will be basically a monitor.

    4) For HDTV you should use the "HDTV mode", if your TV support it you should be using 1080p@60 (North American standard for full 1920x1080 HDTV).

    The fact that you initially see a screen on your HDTV tells me that it's a setting issue with one of the above.
  35. 1) My Tv only has 1 HDMI port
    2) I do rather want to duplicate the screens this is mostly for gaming, could you further elaborate on this point.
    3) When I do this my laptop screen turns off and my tv continues to recieve no signal.
    4) Im afraid I have not the slightest idea how to do this also I am in the UK not NA.
  36. in advanced display settings click on Detect whenever.....
  37. Detect whenever is already on.
  38. hmmmm...
    what do you see under desktop properties?
  39. I hust used the display centre to tell it to extend my desktop and it worked but i do have a slight problem, the screen now has a rather noticeable green tinge.
  40. Also text is rather hard to read.
  41. try to work with color quility and refresh rate..
    you might want to set it up as hdtv
  42. How do i set up the hdtv?
  43. under desktop properties
  44. I can live with the small text every thing else is perfecttly clear, but the colour is rather distracting.
  45. go under desktop color and just push reset
  46. Actually I've just discovered that the red and blue chanels do not appear to be working.
  47. Reset is greyed out, I believe I have seen this before when tying to use HD also there is no mention of HDTV under desktop properties
  48. hmmm... everything seems so weird
  49. damn I was playing around trying to get the colour fixed when it stoped working is there anyway to undo the last few actions on a computer.
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