Need a good cooler for antec veris fusion remote?

have finished building my first pc the only thing i need now is a good cpu cooler to replace the amd stock cooler as it is not very good and is too noisy for my set up, but this is were i am having trouble as i only have a max height off 120 mm in my case i cant seem to find a good cooler that will fit in my case and let me do a bit off light overclocking and keep my temps down to a reasonable rate and also be quiet at the same time, Have searched google and most peaple who have had the same problem used the scythe ninja mini, but you can not buy this great cooler no more .So if anyone could help me and recommend a good cooler i can use i would be very grateful and don,t mind spending about £40 on one .......thanks again for any help i can get

case = antec veris fusion remote black
cpu = phenom x4 960t be
mb = gigabyte 880gma usb3
memory = 8gb corsair vengence (was cheap )
psu - corsair vx450
hd = western digital 750gb cavier black
dvd = lite on rewriter
gpu =gigabyte 6770
tv card = peak digital duel tuner
os = windows 7 pro 64
cpu cooler = ? ? ? ?
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  1. thanks for the links, looks like i will be going with the axp-140, should work well with my setup :-)
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