1333 MHz RAM and 1066 MHz RAM on same system ?

I have an MSI with a Athlon II p340 processor and currently has only 2 Gigs of ram. I was thinking of upgrading it to 4 Gigs, but i can't seem to find a cheap 1066 MHz stick, so my question to you is can I use a 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM on this machine, with this processor, or is it mandatory to buy a 1066?
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  1. what is the model of your motherboard?
  2. i have absolutely no clue what so ever. the laptop is a MSI CR630-241XEU if it helps.
  3. DDR3 1066, Max: 4GB if you stick 1333 mhz it will work but it will run at 1066 specs
  4. It wont be a reliable but it will work. recommended you get all 1333mhz
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