Price over performance?

Im looking at building a new system is the performance upgrade /quality worth getting a 580 for the price boost vs a 6950 or 6990 sorry looking for some input i see the performance is pretty close but the price boost is 200$
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  1. The 580 beats the 6950 outright. The 6990 is the top dog on the market at the moment.

    Post your build so we can see what you currently have and we can probably give you some more input.
  2. well im buying new mobo cpu and gfx card just curious if it was worth the extra atm i have a amd cpu though been looking at intel alot lately
  3. any suggestions for that build though would be awesome cpu/mobo/gfx card
  4. Why dont you go ahead and fill out the new build advice format and we can go from there. That will clear up a bunch of questions.
  5. i have one up figured since you were posting here i would ask ill link you it
  6. pls post you seem more knowledgable then some of the ppl that said look at the 2000$ build
  7. You can get two 6950s for the price of a 580. The crossfire config will offer about 60% more performance.
  8. depends on your processor preference. Some prefer Intel and some prefer AMD. That makes a huge difference. Since I prefer AMD this is the build CPU/mobo/GFX card I would get.

    Motherboard - Gigabyte GA A75 UD4H (has four memory slots)

    CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black 3.75 - This is AMD's fastest processor and one tier lower than Intel's fastest processors according to Toms Hiearchy chart.

    Vid Card - Gigabyte GV-RG6950 - 1GD Raedon 6950 - This is a one gig card. Newegg has it for $249. I have only seen the 6990 on 4gig setups and the price is insane to be honest. I don't think a personal machine needs one like that but that is just me. In another thread I actual put the same card but from Sapphire but read a review by Toms Hardware that had the Gigabyte rated slightly higher but actually said either would be good.

    So for me I would go with both performance and cost in my mindset. The best card I can get for the money. That is why I never even go dual cards. The naked eye would never notice the difference in performance as long as the single card is high quality but dual cards is definatly increased performance though.

    FYI.....the Raedon 6950 is the standard vid card that Alienware uses for their best machine. They have the option to upgrade to the 580 though at an increased prices of course.
  9. ya if i xfire i would have to read more =0 lol i heard you get stutters in gameplay when you do do it
  10. Nah not with 6950s
  11. dalmvern can you answer a msg i sent you
  12. so question if i do go intel is it worth the wait for the Lga 2011 socket or do you guys think the value and performance wont be much of a upgrade from i5 2500 or i5 2600
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