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This is my brand new build a week old maybe. Asus Sabertooth 990fx, Phenom x4 975 Black, Gskill Sniper 2x4Gb ddr3, Asus eah 6970 2gb, 700w coolermaster PS, and corsair 600t graphite case. My cpu idles at 43c with a fan speed of 2755rpm. these numbers are from asus suite II 1.01.30 while typing this actually. I play battlefield3 and it revs up to basically 4000rpm and the temp is at 114f. Does this sound correct? The system runs solid i just feel like im wrecking it by having it spin at those speeds for hours while im gaming. This is my first build ever i dont know much any help will be greatly appreciated. Oh if i left any specs out just ask ill be glad to add any info needed. Thank you
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  1. 4000 sounds fast, my intel one runs between 1100 and 1800 but its a 120mm fan, smaller fans run faster. what is 114f in proper, cause that to me sounds like the low 40's which is the same as your idle. unless you mean 114C in which case you have a problem, turn it off, unless you are using to talk to us, in which case check back every 30mins for updates.
  2. 114f is not high, thats a reasonable temp, but as monkey stated 4000 does sound a bit fast.
  3. definately no 114c i only used farenheiht because its first listed in the bios
  4. 114F is not a high temp at all when playing games. If he has a Sabertooth MB he has CPU fan headers which should be able to offer fan speed settings.
  5. im alt tabbed out of battlefield 3 right now and it reads as follows......4354Rpm 52c (CPU)
  6. 114f is not high, but with a idle of 43C, there's hardly any difference.
    final post indicating 42 at alt tab is fine.
    See if you have a quiet fan setting.
    roughly how big in diameter is the fan?, my 80mm fans used to go at 3800-4400 from memory
  7. im running the stock fan that comes with the processor monkey.
  8. That looks about 90mm to me, I wouldn't be surprised if it ran as fast as you are reporting. As to longevity, its an electric fan, there are no gears only a bearing and some coils&magnets. The coils will happily cope with the current required to turn the fan, unless the fan gets heavier (dust building on traiiling/leading edge of blade), the bearing will be ok and will probably dry out due to old age before it becomes an issue.

    If it is too noisy (always my concern), then get a cheap aftermarket cooler, hyper 212 springs to mind (check compatibility with socket), with a large 120mm fan, these fans are standard 120mm case fans, so they are easy to get hold of, they also run a lot slower and a lot quieter.
  9. ok cool now i can stop worrying that im wrecking my processor. I am definately going to look into an aftermarket. Thanks for the help ill do the best answer if i get a new fan and its quiet under bf3 load. Thanks much
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