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I have been running this rig since January. Sabertooth 990FX, FX-8150, Corsair 750W PSU, XFX 6950 DD video card, 16GB GSkill Ripjaw Z (4x4), Intel 80GB SSD for OS, and an old Seagate 250GB for junk storage. Its been reliable since day one but Ive always wanted a little more out of it. The front panel died on my Antec 900 so I purchased a Cooler Master HAF X, FX-8350, and Hyper 212 CPU cooler. I swapped the internals from the 900 to the HAF X. I installed the CPU and cooler when I got the mobo out before I put it in the other case. I started the computer for the first time and no POST. My CPU_LED goes on and off normally, but I get no DRAM_LED or BOOT_DEVICE_LED. I have ran through the checklist a few times and still cant find anything wrong physically. Any ideas or known issues I could tackle before I start replacing parts?
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  1. Also, no beeps from case speaker at all.
  2. Did you update your bios on your MB to support the new cpu?
  3. Sabertooth 990FX requires Bios Version 1604 to support the FX-8350. You can get it here:
  4. I did more troubleshooting and I figured out my board would have to be replaced anyway. Apparently when I removed the 8150, because it was stuck to the HSF and came out as one assembly, it ruined the lock for the CPU. I didn't noticed while doing this on a flat surface, but I turned it upright and the CPU fell right off the board into my hand. Oh well, I was prepared to spend more money anyway. Thank for the reply. I'll have to check the bios on the new board when it gets here Friday.
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