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I built my machine a bit over a year ago with an i5 on 1156.

Recently I parallel-graded my gpu from a gtx 260 to a 5770.
It wasn't exactly a rational decision, I just saw it cheap on ebay and decided to go for the (slightly) newer technology and better folding performance. I wouldn't say I regret it, but it wasn't very smart.

A week or so ago my friend got a 6850 and is willing to give away his old 260. I planned to take it and put the 5770 into my family desktop, but it turns out my motherboard doesn't support sli.

I could pick up a 1156 motherboard with sli support for not too much money, but it seems silly to pay ~$100 for a new mobo of the same socket. I could get another 5770 for less.

My actual question:

am i best off:
a) selling my old motherboard/processor and upgrading to a new socket in order to take advantage of the free graphics upgrade?

b) having my friend keep his 260 and selling mine to buy another 5770? (the second slot runs x4)

c) selling both cards I currently own and buying something else entirely?

d) other.

If you feel it's worthwhile to upgrade, then to what? My budget is limited to ~$300.
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  1. Are you implying 260 SLI? Don't do it. They're OLD!

    Get your friend's card and sell all 3. Buy at least a 6950
  2. sell all three cards and buy a 6870/560 they are fine up to 1080p at high settings
  3. I can't really condone taking someone's stuff just to sell it, but a single bigger card would probably be better than 2x of the smaller ones, especially if it lets you get by without having to do the motherboard upgrade.
  4. Raiddinn said:
    I can't really condone taking someone's stuff just to sell it.

    My thoughts exactly.
    So it sounds like you guys are saying GPU is the better upgrade at this time. I haven't kept up on the specs since I built my box.
    The 6000's are basically rebranded 5000 series, right?

    Any sense of how much I'll be able to get for the 260?
  5. take card, wait a bit, sell cards, buy a 7850/70, have 6970 performance for less money, think how smart you have been
  6. I haven't heard anyone say that HD 68xx cards are the same internally as hd 58xx cards, if that is what you mean.

    A quick trip over to this video card benchmarking site

    Shows that any card with 5xyz numbers is much worse than any card with 6xyz numbers.

    One example
    6850 = 2849
    5850 = 2519

    another example
    6970 = 3143
    5970 = 2631

    You could do that to your heart's content.

    None of the pairs are even that close.
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