Is this because of my motherboard?

I built my new computer about a week ago and as soon as I got it working it was great until I got home today from school. The darn thing wont start, the fans and leds come on for about one second then turn off and keep repeating itself. I have no clue whats going on, I tried different Power supplies, only running the mobo, cpu, fans and psu. Any help is appreciated. Please reply quick because if its the cpu, my warranty runs out soon.

My Specs:
Mobo = AsRock z77 extreme3
cpu = intel i7 2700k
ram = gskill sniper 8gb
case = Cooler Master elite 431
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  1. check if all connectors are in the right place, maybe try applying some pressure on them , might be an imperfect contact

    just an idea
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