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Really annoying Linksys router issue.

December 3, 2010 4:42:20 PM

Ok so I recently moved into a new house and it has a structured wiring box in the basement where all the cable, phones, internet etc go, throughout the house are ethernet ports. I had Comcast come and install the internet and cable and he had some issues wiring it in and said that not all the ethernet ports would work but the one in the office was. So I hooked up the modem in the box and ran it into my Linksys router for wireless and figured it was good. This is MAINLY a wireless issue, until today even the wired connection is messing up. Intermittently it would go out and be about 2-3 minutes than the wireless would come back. I figured it was the house, since the wireless is downstairs in the basement and we're all upstairs always.

i went and bought a 5 port switch so that I could run all the ethernet wires downstairs inside the box. (the linksys router was previously doing this.) Brought the wireless upstairs and ran it off the ethernet port that worked and was running to my desktop PC. Than it was new issues, the wireless on my laptops would still go out, and than on top of that it flat out wouldn't work. I would open my Mac laptop and it would have no internet service. The kicker is it says it's connected, has a full signal, but just wasn't working. Go into setting and hit "renew DHCP lease" and all of a sudden internet is totally fine. But it would connect, load one page and than go back out. So I have to get up, unplug the linksys router and than everything is fine until you close your laptop and it's the same issue all over again.

Well so than I decided to try and figure out why all the ethernet ports weren't working the other day and to figure out wth was going on. I changed the wiring downstairs in every conceivable way possible and tried everything. I took out the switch and hooked up the modem straight to the one port that gave the house ANY internet service. Ok so internet works great for about 1/2 a day and I had no issues. I turned on my wi-fi blu ray player to play Pandora at night and half way through it cuts out and stops. Check my laptop and no internet, can't even get an IP address. So I give up on the house and bring the modem upstairs, wire it to the wall, hook up wi-fi and try that out. Same thing, plethora of issues. Seems 70% of the time it's great and i can open my laptop and the internet is working as it should.

But now I get "no IP address" but it's connected, wireless won't connect at all, even wired connections are giving me "no IP address." Also got the error that wi-fi was being used by another machine and couldn't be accessed. I tried going into settings and it said "self enabled IP" or something like. All of this making me reset my router multiple times a day.

I'm annoyed, I'm confused and frankly want to break whatever isn't working right. Anybody have ANY idea what could cause this? I'm going to try connecting straight to the modem for a day or 2 and see if i have any issues. if i do I'll call Comcast but I really don't want too deal with them. Could it be my router is just done for? Any help is appreciated, 5 months of doing this is annoying the hell out of me.

should add that the router is a linksys wrt54g2 and it's a motorola modem if that helps at all.