GPU Covering PCI Express Slot. Ways to work around this?

I have a Sabertooth 990FX, and a MSI Hawk 7870 GPU. The damn gpu is covering my small PCI slot, the really small one. I think its called the PCI express slot. Anyways, this is a problem because I have a wireless card for that slot type and I cant use it. Will the wireless card work in one of the other slots? Which one is the best? If this can't be done, then can I put my GPU in any of the slots?
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  1. what is the name and model of that wireless card ?
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    The slot the gpu is in is a pcie x16. The slot it is covering is a pcie x1. Your pcie wireless card will work in any of the pcie slots. That means the x1 card can go in a x16 slot. It would also be fine to put you graphics card in either of the beige colored x16 slots.
  3. OK thanks! That is what I thought. Can't I also put it in the PCI x8 slot?

    My wireless card is this:

    EDIT: So rather than putting the Wireless card in a PCI slot that is too big, I can just move the GPU and put the adapter in its proper place? Seems like the best way to go.
  4. You can put the wireless card in any of the pcie slots. It doesn't matter which one since x1 doesn't have a locking tab like x16 does.
  5. You can put the x1 wireless card into any of the slots, but regardless of what slot it is in it will get the same performance.

    You can put the graphics card into lower slots if you need to for room but you will take a performance hit, the difference betwen x16 and x4 is about 5%.
  6. Only the black x16 slot is in x4 mode. The others are still x16 mode unless multiple gpus are used.
  7. XD I cant believe how ignorant I was back then. Thank you all for your answers!
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