Upgraded from AMD Opteron 6128 to 6272 - PROBLEMS!

Hopefully you guys can give me some pointers.

I just swapped out two Opteron 6128s from a Windows 7 (with SP1) system that was running fine. I replaced them with two 6272s.

The Asus MB POSTed just fine. I got my Windows splash page, but as soon as it is about to load the desktop, it reboots.

Then it goes into the "run system repair" message from Windows. I say, sure, why not. But THAT ends up rebooting before it actually does its thing.

Then I have the computer boot from DVD to my Windows Ultimate DVD to do a fresh install. It loads, gives me the little progress bar thing at the bottom. And then JUST as it's shows the mouse arrow and is about to load the user agreement page, it reboots.

I have the latest BIOS (v2006) on the MB.

Any ideas? The computer gets through POST just fine. Seems to be a Windows problem. ???
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  1. Well, maybe it's not Windows. Something else is going on. I cannot load my Linux Ubuntu or Windows XP. Same thing happens right around the same time for both.

    In Ubuntu I got an error message that displayed, but it wasn't on the screen long enough to write it down.

    They all seem to be forced to reboot just before loading the desktop.

    Any ideas where to even start trouble shooting?
  2. Hi :)

    I would run a hard drive test in DOS...first...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Thanks. I did that in another computer and things are just fine.

    I can't even load Ubuntu from the DVD (no hard drive involved).

  4. FIXED!

    For whatever reason, when I went through the bios, it had reverted the setting back to use ECC ram. I'm using 64GB or NON-ECC ram. I updated the bios a long time ago and it ran fine with the 6128 chips. Who knows why when I put the 6272 chips in it freaked out with the exact same bios settings it had before the switch.

    I disabled the "use ECC ram" setting (or whatever it's called), and we're in business. Two 16-core chips are recognized in Windows and we're ready to do some major rendering with those 32-cores!

    Thanks everyone!
  5. Have fun rendering in cinema 4d! How much would one of these systems cost?
  6. amuffin said:
    Have fun rendering in cinema 4d! How much would one of these systems cost?

    It's not bad considering the dual 6128s outperform my i7 980x (OC'd to 4.2Ghz) with 24GB ram.

    Rough numbers (in US Dollars):

    2 processors (6128s) $540
    PSU $160
    MB $420
    coolers $140
    Memory $320
    case $150

    I had some hard drives around, so no costs there.

    Total: $1730

    Now I just swapped out the 6128s for 6272s for an additional $500-ish.

    Total system is around $2200.

    I haven't fine tuned it, but just got a 13.17 benchmark with Cinebench.

    10.54 - i7 980x OC 4.2Ghz / 24GB Ram
    9.31 - Dual AMD 6128 / 64GB Ram
    13.17 - Dual AMD 6272 / 64GB Ram
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