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Confirm that this is a good power supply pick

I have replaced a power supply before, but never chosen one for an upgrade.

I have an HP computer, link below for all the info.

My Computer

I will am looking for a power supply that will allow me to upgrade the GPU up to a 550 or 560ti. From what I can tell, I will need 2 6 pin connectors to power this, and a 500w power supply should cover the upgrade, plus any upgrades to the memory down the road.

Looking on Newegg, I found this, and think it looks like a good choice.

My Pick

Can anyone confirm for me that this has all of the connectors I need? Anyone have a better suggestion for the same price range, somewhere close to or lower than $60.

Thanks for the help,

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    The corsair 500w has the connectors you'll need for the gpu you selected. Antec is also good, but may cost more right now. Rebates vary daily.
  2. Yes it is a good pick for the price!
  3. I'd go this way. $50, but it's more efficient. If you pay your own power bill, it'll save you money over its lifetime.
  4. Nothing wrong with the Corsair = good choice!
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'm a little concerned with the whine people complain about with the power supply, but may give it a shot for the price it is right now.

  6. Coil whine can happen with any PSU. I don't think it's a common thing.
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