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GTX 570 + GTS 250 sli

Hello guys, I would like to ask you something.Can I get a GTX 570 + a GTS 250 (GTS 250 as dedicated Physx) to run into sli mode? If so, will this psu: be enough? Thank you in advance.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately you can not run a GTX 570 and GTS 250 together in SLI.
    Fortunately, you do not need to!
    With both cards installed (with no SLI bridges) you can select in the nVidia control panel to have the GTS 250 dedicated to PhysX.

    While the Corsair GS700 should have enough power for your system and both GPUs, it is unfortunately one PCIe power connector short.
    Where you will need a total of 3x 6pin PCIe power connectors (2x for the GTX 570 and 1x for the GTS 250) the GS700 only has 2x PCIe power connectors.
  2. So i have to stick with the GTX 570. Thanks a lot for the response!
  3. Molex to 6pin adapter hello.
  4. run the 570 as your main gpu and a single 250 for physx then sell the other 250
  5. Or I will just go with the corsair GS800: , which is not much more expensive than the GS700...Thank you all guys !!!
  6. Decent model, it is good enough for your needs.
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