I5-2500k overheat problem

Can anyone tell me what my problem is here? I just got done building this pc, and every time I turn it on, before windows loads it gives me a warning that says my cpu is overheating. Bios says the temperature is at about 97c, but it then quickly goes down to about 50c. Core temp says it runs idle at about 50c, but under any kind of load it quickly jumps up to 80 or 90c. The voltage varies between about .98 and 1.3. I'm using the fan that came with the CPU, as well as two front intake fans and an exhaust fan in the back of my case. I even took off the side of my case to see if that would make a difference. When I put my hand by the cpu fan, I don't feel a lot of heat coming off, but I don't know if that means anything. I updated my bios and everything. Even when it runs at 80 or 90c it doesn't seem to slow down or anything.
Here is what I have:

CPU: i5-2500k
Motherboard: Asus p8p67 rev. 3.1
Memory: 16gb crucial
PSU: Corsair tx750
GPU: Radeon HD 6870

This is my first build, so I'm not really a veteran or anything. It seems to cool down and heat up really fast. It cools down from 90c to 40 or 50c in about 10 seconds. I was thinking it might be a faulty heat monitor, but I don't really know. If there is anyone that can help, please let me know.
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  1. Also, I did a stress test, and it ran at the same temp (about 90-95c) even when all four cores were under 100% load.
  2. Your cooler is not mounted on properly.
  3. Make sure you have the heatsink on securely and making full contact with the CPU, also i assume that the CPU is not overclocked, correct?. Also you have thermal paste sitting between the CPU and the base of the heatsink right?

    Software is not 100% accurate in relaying temps, and you can still give other CPU temp monitors a try. But generally temp monitors are at least in the ballpark of the correct readings, only the real real bad ones are way off in accuracy and i don't beileve Core Temp is one of them (i use it myself). So i'd start by making sure your heatsink is making full contact and thermal paste is applied.
  4. It is not overclocked, and the heatsink is installed properly. It came with thermal paste already on it, so I didn't put any more on.
  5. With the stock CPU cooler, make sure all of the four stands lock in - you should hear the clicks.
  6. It's either one of two things:
    1) Your heatsink is not mounted properly
    2) Your temps are being displayed in Fahrenheit
  7. cody206 said:
    It's either one of two things:
    1) Your heatsink is not mounted properly
    2) Your temps are being displayed in Fahrenheit

    1) I would say +1 except that you say your PC does not seem to slow down or anything. It is puzzling because the fact that you don't feel any warmth when you put your hand near the cpu fan seems to me that the chip is not transferring the heat to the heatsink.
    2) +1 but seems unlikely. But check the unit anyway whether it is somehow not in decrees celcius.
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