Will a Newegg gift card work for Newegg.ca?

Basically this. I couldn't find a better section to post it in since it's not really about any components in specific. Can a Newegg.com gift card work for Newegg.ca? I've put in a help ticket on NE and was just asking on here before they took days to respond.
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  1. why not try it? The gift card isn't used until the whole transaction is completed. It should pop up saying you have xxx amount of dollars.
  2. Probably work, just make sure if you're using a card from the US they give you currency value if used to buy off Canadian site.
  3. Just got my response (a lot quicker than I would've thought at this time of the night)


    Thank you for contacting Newegg.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may caused. Actually, Newegg.ca cannot redeem the gift card purchased on Newgg.com. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our FAQs page. If you still require any assistance, please feel free to reply directly to this email.

    Thank you,

    So apparently it won't.... who'd have thought. I have asked an additional question - whether or not I can buy a Newegg.ca gift card since I don't live in Canada. It'd asked me what Province I lived in and since I don't live there... well I can't really answer that.
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