ASUS Sabertooth Z77 or MSI Z77A G45 thunderbolt?

Which one is better? I need to get a new mobo since my old H61's RAM slot won't work anymore :P

Which among these two should I get? I am looking for something that would be future-proof since I might upgrade into an i5 (from my current i3 processor)

Thank you :D
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  1. MSI Z77 Mpower
  2. ^is it the same from the one I posted? Or is it a different model with the same chipset?
  3. :lol:

    google it mate! much faster than waiting for a reply from my end... :)
  4. The thing is, i am stuck with only these two mobos as they are the only 2nd hand ones available..
  5. then thas a big no no, get a brand new mobo mate. save yourself the trouble...side note: how much are they going for?
  6. the Sabertooth goes for about 220$ (2nd hand)

    And the MSI z77 goes for about 145$ (2nd hand)
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