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S5000XVN Intel Power Signal Connector

Hi i have a Intel S5000XVN, and have ATX Power Supply. The motherboard need a power signal connector my ATX power supply dont have this conector is a conector of 5 pins
Power Supply Signal Connector Pin-out (J9D1)
Pin Signal Color
4 3.3 V SENSE- Yellow
5 3.3 V SENSE+ Green

and need a temp sensor :cry: :cry: :cry: , is posible run this motherboard without these connections Power signal and temp sensor? is posible create this conector?
Power signal connector:

:sweat: Help Please!!
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  1. I would suggest trying it out without those connectors.
    Since the pic already says in the note, to check with the chassis manual. Give it a try. It's not going to blow up anything.
  2. I turn on and dont recive signal in my monitor connect with hdmi dvi and gba and nothin aun one led green change to orange ( the leed have a pic tringle with exclametion)
  3. What does the documentation on the green to orange changing LED say?
  4. i dont found nothing for this change of color :( i dont stand why dont see nothin in my monitor minimum should see the bios and if you fail after that would go out i use Radeon HD 5670
  5. Does the rig stay on? Like ,I mean, do the CPU fans keep running, do you have a beep at post or the likes
  6. yes its me
  7. i dont found solutions for this problems i talk with intel services and only say need use the case of intel
  8. Could you be a little precise and tell me which LED blinks Orange-Green?
  9. It could be just a memory problem too.
  10. when the memorys fail emit a beeps and dont earn this the led when i turn on is green and 20 secons after turn on orange
  11. Well, then tell me exactly which LED blinks green-orange?
    Have you read the user manual, it had all the errors listed there in case of different LEDs blinking. Each LED is for a specific reason.
  12. the led i talk is: Status LED The status LED indicates whether a system is
    operating correctly, has experienced a minor fault, or
    a major system error. For details about this LED, see
    the Technical Product Specification.
    the pdf say:
    Amber Solid on Critical, nonrecoverable
    Fatal alarm – system has failed or shut down
  13. I know where the LEDs are placed...... that's why I asked which one is blinking, and you still haven't given the correct answer. It's got a specific Number..... you need to say which Number LED is blinking.
  14. Amber Solid on Critical, nonrecoverable
    Fatal alarm – system has failed or shut down
  15. Amber Solid on Critical, nonrecoverable
    Fatal alarm – system has failed or shut down
    DIMM failure when there is one DIMM present, no good memory
    is present
    Run-time memory uncorrectable error in non-redundant mode
    IERR signal asserted
    Processor 1 missing
    Temperature (CPU ThermTrip, memory TempHi, critical
    threshold crossed)
    No power good – power fault
    Processor configuration error (for example, processor stepping
  16. The systems status LED blinks Green-Amber Alternating Blink according to your post which means as per the manual the rig is coming on.....
  17. Now you've changed the code of the blinking LED to Solid Amber.... ???
    Are you sure you're reading it correct....
    Cos what you've pasted here is straight from the Manual and I have that on me.... which if read correctly is pretty easy to decipher....
  18. the led when turn on the computer is green solid after 20 seconds aprox change to ambar solid no beeps and not image
  19. Please explain now in detail and proper English, what all have you installed on that board.....
  20. VGA:ATI RADEON HD 5670 2GB
    Monitor:KDS Radius
    CPU:Intel® Xeon® Processor E5240 (6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz)
    Memory:8 GB FBDIMM
    PSU:ATX Ultra LSP650
    HD:2X160 GB WD 1x620GB WD 7200RPM
    Cooling:2X Dynatron 2U CPU Misc:
  21. And where all have these been installed?
  22. Case ATX i dont have the intel case
  23. No, I mean what slots on the mobo do you have all this put into....
  24. the vga put in pci xpress, the memorys A1 B1 C1 and D1 Slot memory
  25. and the processor?
  26. two slot and put 2 processors
  27. one Intel® Xeon® Processor E5220
    (6M Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) SLOT 2
    and another
    Intel® Xeon® Processor E5240
    (6M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) SLOT1
  28. OK, now, firstly, the Manual doesn't state it supports the E5240 Processors.
    Anyways, that could be because the manual is pretty old.
    My suggestion right now would be to remove the DIMMs and populate them in Single Branch mode...
    That means A1,A2,B1 and B2 and give it a try.
  29. OK, that's new. You have 2 different processors in the slots and both are not listed....
    So let's just give each processor a try in slot 1 first with that memory configuration.
  30. Here's a little something from here at Tom's itself....

    "1. CPUs must have the same QPI and RAM speed to work together.
    2. CPUs must have the same thermal profile (TDP) to work together.
    3. The CPUs must have the same number of physical cores to work together.
    4. The CPUs must have the same number of logical cores to work together.
    5. Stepping does not matter.
    6. Clock speed does not matter.

    If all of those are met, then you can run the CPUs together. The CPUs run at the speed of the slowest CPU. The current mix and match list:

    1. Xeon E5502- can only work with another E5502 since it's the only dual-core Xeon 5500 (#4.)
    2. Xeon E5504 can work with the E5506, both CPUs run at 2.00 GHz.
    3. Xeon E5520 can work with the E5530 or E5540, both CPUs run at 2.26 GHz in either case.
    4. Xeon E5530 can work with the E5520 (CPUs run at 2.26 GHz) or E5540 (CPUs run at 2.40 GHz)
    5. Xeon X5550 can work with the X5560 or X5570, both CPUs run at 2.67 GHz in either case.
    6. Xeon X5560 can work with the X5550 (CPUs run at 2.67 GHz) or X5570 (CPUs run at 2.80 GHz)
    7. Xeon W5580 can work with the W5590, both CPUs run at 3.20 GHz)
    8. Xeon L5506- can only work with other L5506s since it's the only L-series Xeon 5500 without HyperThreading.
    9. Xeon L5518 can work with the L5520 or L5530, both CPUs run at 2.13 GHz in either case.
    10. Xeon L5520 can work with the L5518 (CPUs run at 2.13 GHz) or L5530 (CPUs run at 2.26 GHz.)
    11. Xeon L5508- can only work with other L5508s since it's the only 38-watt TDP Xeon 5500. "
  31. again turn on the led green, after ambar led
  32. OK, you're getting the same signal , after changing what all?
  33. yes same i get out the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5220
    (6M Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB) SLOT 2 and same led change to ambar
  34. You need to check this

    Is the BIOS of that board up to date?
    What version is on it?
    Does it support the E52XX Processors, since Intel is being very specific about it's 52XX Line
    "Intel® Xeon® processors 5400 and 5200 series require specific hardware and software revisions on the following Intel® Server Boards and Platforms:"
  35. i uknow the bios date this dont letme see or update this dont showme image
  36. yeah, i understand that....:(
    I'm trying to figure that out...
    Do you have an old processor on you that might have been in the rig?
    Have you tried to Clear the BIOS and start from scratch, but, this time, make sure you are using the bare minimums, only, one processor in Slot 1 the second slot should be empty.
    The four RAMs in the slots I specified earlier.
    Etc etc

    Please read this:
    Try to install each CPU in single mode operation and see if both of them works.
    The board supports one or two Intel (R) Xeon Processors 5000 sequence.

    Not all boards or systems support the Intel® Xeon® Processors 5400 and 5200 processors. Refer to Support for Intel® Xeon® Processors 5400 and 5200 to ensure you order the correct product.

    If you are using a non-refresh board, then any 45nm CPU is not meant to be officially supported on the non-refresh board.
    If your board is a non-refresh board, then only 65 nm cpu worked fine on it.
    A non-refresh board will not have a letter 'R' at the end of the naming.
    Example: S5000XVNSAS, S5000XVNSATA
    A refresh board will have the letter 'R'
    Example: S5000XVNSASR, S5000XVNSATAR

    Now regarding the population for the CPU, refer to the document
    Page 24/112
  37. i try you say the one procesor memory change off memory and dont change nothin i clear the cmos restore bios and nothin i dont stand :( i work 1 year building HP servers and never have this problem, intel must purchase all their full kit and this motherboard maybe run only with intel case :(
  38. It so seems that that E52XX Series will only run on
    Intel® Server Board S5000PALR,Intel® Server Board S5000PSLSATAR,Intel® Server Board S5000PSLSASR,Intel® Server Board S5000PSLROMBR, Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVNSATAR and Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVNSASR.
  39. No the Intel Chassis is not the problem, the problem is the Processor being supported by the Board....
    That's the main reason they have the Server/Workstation Configuration tool online so you don't end up buying incompatible products, especially since server grade material is not cheap.
  40. i see this page and ask for case only show two case from intel i dont have that and may be is a i need for get run this good
  41. Yes, I know only 2 Chassis show up but that is not the case you have the S5000XVN Board and not the -SASR board.... that's the main difference.... it's a refreshed board Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVNSASR
  42. and you'll be opting for either the workstation kind or the server kind, they are 2 different types altogether...
  43. in this page when try select the processor i have dont are in the list
  44. Best answer
    Yes, on both the types they don't show the processors you are using... why do you think I've been saying they are not compatible........
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