B75 + 3770k, power phases?

So my 3770k is arriving tomorrow that I got a killer deal on from Intelsat retail edge, I'm looking to do somewhat budget semi gaming rig.

Currently I'm on a e5400 @ 4.7ghz.
4gbs of ddr2.

I picked up 16gbs of PNY ddr3 1333( got from my work for silly silly cheap)
Reusing case, psu, WD 500gb 7200 hdd, and gts250(for now).

I'm not trying to overclock as I think 3.9 with turbo boost is more than enough for me.so I'm looking to pick up a cheap motherboard to go with it,
I strolled through compusa today as my chips coming tomorrow, and I want to actually use it so ive seen a lot of b75's and z77's

With no plans to overclock and no need for intel SSD caching I think the b75 will suffice great! But i stumbled across a thread where someone said b75 boards not having enough power phases to support turbo boost? Is this true? Looking to get to the bottom of this and I've always been a long time reader so I turned here!

This is the board

Which I believe is a 5 power phase,

Input is appreciated!
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  1. I don't know where you read that B75 does not support Turbo, but it does perfectly...

    BUUT there are really many more reasons to consider a Z77 board. More USB3 adn SATA 6Gbps connectivity...
    The Z77 also has better performance even at stock, better components(more reliable).


    The above board is excellent and quite cheap.
  2. Power phases are like little lanes in highways.

    The more lanes there are, the more electricity can flow to your CPU, but if you have less you can possibly have a "jam."
  3. Well I'm planning on running a single hdd so I don't think the more sata connectors will mean much to me.
    As far as the z77 performing better stock,
    I've read multiple benchmarks of raw CPU speeds between b75 and z77s that say there's less than 1% difference at completely stock speeds.

    I just want to make sure that the little msi board can handle the 3770.

    Also does no list power phases anymore on specs?
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