Can't find a 1100t?

I have looked and looked but I cannot seem to find an 1100t. Is there some sort of shortage I do not know about?
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  1. The CPU has been discontinued by AMD with the release of Bulldozer.

    Since people have been generally disappointed by Bulldozer, I assume many people have simply bought whatever Phenom II CPU they can get before all the stock has been bought out.

    Looks like you got to the party late.
  2. They don't make any phenom ii's anymore.
  3. And 3 minutes later at 12:07AM they are out of stock.
  4. Lol... maybe the OP jumped at the link and bought the whole lot instead of just clicking once....
    Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink.....
  5. Apart from the astonishment of the OP, I am astonished that AMD would have done such a dreadfully stupid thing, discontinue the only selling chip. At least with the Phenoms they had the best budget build, now they got nothing.
  6. No, they're not discontinuing it .... they are just adding more into the line of Phenom IIs

  7. AMD needs to stop producing Phenom II and Athlon II from a business point of view because Global Founderies will need that time to retool for newer smaller processors that's coming out in the future. Unless of course AMD is willing to pay for an entirely new Fab for GF so that GF can advance their manufacturing process while the old fabs continue to produce old CPUs.
  8. They can't just survive on the BD, since it's not that hot a product for people nor is it being produced in those great numbers. So they're are phasing the Phenoms out slowly, they do need to survive and they know the phenoms will keep going, the name has a lot of good will attached to it till date....
  9. I was more along the lines of continue popular older chips but to reproduce veriants of the X6 and X8 now is a serious waste of resources. To be honest if you are a new perspective buyer there is no reason to buy old technology, it doesn't add up. AMD are flogging every last buck out of the PII's.
  10. Yeah, but at the very end of the article it states:

    With low frequencies and without Turbo Core, the new eight-core Phenom II X8 will likely be considerably slower than the existing six-core Phenom II X8 processors based on Thuban design.

    AMD, ECS and Jetway did not comment on the news-story.

    Which means for games it's performance will be pretty low. It will only benefit those types of programs that can actually make use of 8 core like video encoding. Of course, you then have to take into consideration what's better the 8 core Phenom II X8 with slower clockspeeds or the Phenom II X6 with 2 fewer cores, but higher clockspeeds.

    Most games only use 2 cores. More games capable of using 3 or 4 cores will be coming out, but will be relatively small in proportion within the overall gaming market.
  11. The phenom x8s are suppose to just be locked bulldozer chips.
  12. yup.... so?
    the point is they are being rebranded as Phenoms..... and sold under the phenom category.... only Phenoms that are AM3+
  13. For AMD's sake, they better be able to improve performance with the release of Piledriver. A 10% improvement over Bulldozer / Phenom II should be roughly in the ballpark of the 1st generation of Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.

    However, I think it is in their best interest to focus on their APU line. That's where their future lie.
  14. they won't be as good as the old phenoms :(
  15. Forcing people to buy new motherboards that are am3+ is wack and not a good move by them. I have always liked AMD for the price but unless they change the way they are doing business, I am going to jump ship.
  16. I have been looking also for a 1100T
  17. $240 on amazon?!?
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