Weird Memory or Motherboard or memory controller problem

Hi I have an strange an erratic problem in that my memory fails memory tests at certain times.
I have a amd phenom II 1090T processor, msi motherboard with four memory slots, 4 DIMMs kingston value ram 1333Hhz 2G each.

I labeled the memory A B C D.

A B C D in slots 1 2 3 4 fails memtest86+ at address 3167.6M

A B passes in any slots
A D passes in any slots
B D passes in any slots
A B C D pass when tested individually all at the default clock speed.

AC or BC or DC fails at address 3167.6 M no matter how they grouped, AC or CA in slots 1,2 or 3,4 address stays the same.

Same as monday

A B fails in any slots at address 128M
A D fails in any slots at address 128M
B D fails in any slots at address 128M
A B D all fail individual testing in any slot at address 128 :fou: :fou: M
C still passes all tests.

All tests were done on the same machine, I even tried reducing the memory clock to 800Mhz but makes no difference.

How can I determine if the memory or motherboard or memory controller or something else is faulty.
Any help would be appreciated.
Rob Key :fou:
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  1. SOLVED:
    I stripped my computer cleaned all the dust from memory slots, cpu slot etc. I bought one new kingston memory (I lost patience, I have been testing for a week) replaced the suspect and now my computer passes the memory tests will all 4 DIMMs in all 4 memory slots, 8Gigs of ram, slots 1,2 dual channel, slots 3,4 dual channel mode.

    Interestingly the memory stick I replaced does work on its own but not with the other ones. Maybe the cleaning also helped.

    Thanks for all your help
  2. i had the same problem
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