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I am 21 and everything I know about computers has been self taught. My first computer was a compaq presario 75mhz, 1meg video ram, etc... this was at the age of 12. At any rate, I currently have an external USB hard drive and I am wondering if there is any way for me to make it wireless as it contains various files I would love to access around my house without the "tag-a-long" necessitated by the USB connection to my computer. I thank anyone for their help.
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  1. There is only one way that I can think of. It's near the end.
    Somebody somewhere may sell somthing to do this but I haven't seen it which certainly doesn't make it impossible.

    First, think a minute. Drives like yours that are USB, SATA, or IEEE1394 all rely on drivers that must be hosted on and run under an operating system that can translate OS commands into file system operations.

    There might be a chance if the drive were already connected via 802.3 (wired ethernet) then the on board controller for that drive would already understand how to translate the TCP/IP packets into file system operations.

    There is a board maufacturer (I will have to look it up and get back to you on this) who makes miniature boards that have on-board wired and wifi and usb capability with memory that can be flashed to receive a mini Linux distrubution like Knoppix. It can no doubt be configured to mount your drive and with samba you can make it a wireless network drive.
    This may work but I would have to think a little more on it. Of course it would cost at least $300.00 and you would have to build it. Maybe its better to run the cable :smile:
  2. Palmberg is on the right track. If you don't want to have it attached to a workstation then it will have to be removed from the enclosure that is housing it now, and put it into a NAS box. Network attached storage. A dumb external hard drive, unless you have a device that already has built in software and an ethernet port, isn't going to do anything without interfacing with a computer.
  3. Here is that board, by <A HREF="http://www.soekris.com/" target="_new">Soekris Engineering</A>, I was talking about in my last post. It's much improved since the last time I checked. I am very sure this would work but still the time, cost and effort required to handle just one wireless accessable drive may be a factor.
    I would find an cheap old laptop with wireless adapter and USB (2.0 I assume). Connect the two and leave that rigg whereever. Then use whatever networkin (SMB or ftp or ...) to communicate wirelessly. It's less work and better chance of success without complication.
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