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Tis the season for upgrades to my son's computer- 400Mhz K6-3 to ECS MB with 735 chip set and XP 1600+. He however threw me loop and installed Windows XP. If I understand XP registration system correctly, it registers lan cards and bios changes and probably won't boot after upgrade. He's home for two days and I'll need to get it up and running while here. Does anyone know what the proceedure is or will a bended knee to all mighty MS be required. PS Lean, Clean Win 98 forever!!
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  1. You can swap quite a few components before you goof anything. When you do goof it, just call microsoft (it will give you the number i believe) and they'll have you running again in just a few minutes.

    Please man, for the love of god don't put 98 back on an XP machine...The fact you are considering it tells me you've never used anything based on Windows NT or Windows 2000 before. I go literally MONTHS without a crash.
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