Are there any differences between these two motherboards?

They seem identical to me, except one costs 10 dollars more than the other and seems to have better customer reviews (which could easily be coincidence). I just want to make sure that by getting the cheaper one, I'm not sacrificing anything.

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  1. the only difference I can spot is the more expensive one has a heatsink right behind motherboard back panel usb ports while the cheapter one doesn't
  2. ASUS M5A97
    ASUS M5A97 LE

    One of them is LE (The cheap one). I´d avoid all ´LE´mobos.
  3. In addition to the heatsink on the moffsets as Alvine pointed out, there is also an 8pin cpu power connector on the more expensive mobo compared to a 4pin cpu power connector on the cheaper mobo.

    This typically indicates the potential for better overclocking as the additional power and heatsinked moffsets will provide more stable power to the cpu for overclocking.

    Another thing to consider with the moffest heatsink on the mroe expensive mobo is the size, style and type of air cooler you put on the cpu. The heatsink may have the potential to block or get in the way of some cpu heatsink solutions.

    Other than that, they are identical and really up to you if the one with the moffset heatsink is worth the addtional $10.
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