990XY-UD3 and hard drive big problem

Hi everyone,
So the problem is: I bought new components 990xa-ud3, phenom x4 840, g skill ripjaws 2x2gb, hd5770 and from before i had corsair cx500, samsung f3 1tb hd103sj. So after i connected everything i put windows 7 cd i tried to install windows 7, but when it came to screen where i had to choose hard drive, it said "no drivers were found". So i tried: changing ahci, ide, raid bios setting, then changing sata and power supply connectors, clear cmos, changing sata ports on motherboard but nothing happened. Bios dont even recognize my hard drive, but my optical sata drive does. So after more research i found this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AFDDokBJZ8, but in gparted menu it says that no driver detected. I really dont know what to do. Hard drive is 100% correct because when i install it in old computer everything works (i am writing now from that computer), i did hd tune error scan and everything is ok.

Sorry for my bad english :/
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  1. Go into BIOS (usually the Del key right after boot) and see if it shows your hard drive. If it doesn't show up try different ports. Make sure your data cable and power cable are firmly attached.
  2. As i said before, bios doesn't show up hard drive, data cable and power cable are firmly attached.
  3. Try the drive on a different pc. If it doesn't recognize it, RMA it.
  4. It works on second pc. Also i tried install gigabyte sata drivers but this message showed up: "all primary partition in use" error:500
  5. put it back on the second computer and completely delete any partitions. Then try to install Windows 7
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