New Gaming AMD Build ($850 Budget)

Hi, this is my first build, (I really need this, as I'm currently chugging away at a Pentium 4 :P) and I would like some feedback on this proposed budget/gaming system: (Max=$850)

CPU: AMD FX-6100 ($180)
GPU: XFX HD-6870 2Gb ($210)
RAM: 8Gb (2x4Gb) Kingston HyperX Blu ($40)
HDD: Thinking of a 7200RPM, 1Tb Hdd, but will wait until the ridiculous prices drop
M/B: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX ($190)
Case: CM Storm Scout Mid-Tower Case ($85)
PSU: Rosewill Green 630W Continous(?) ($60)
CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212+ ($25)

---Total: $790

1: Takes on the new FX chips?
2: Should I spend more on PSU rather than GPU (I'll be playing BF3 and MW3, Dual Monitored)
3: And can anyone explain what a continuous PSU and what a modular PSU is?

(Again, I have no prior experience with building computers, so any help is appreciated!)
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  1. Everything looks good so far make sure you get an OS if needed, always go for the better GPU when possible. PSU should be good as well but not too sure with the power consumption of the new FX series
  2. Why AMD? (not a fanboy).
  3. ^+1. AMD stops making sense for a gaming PC once you step over $600.

    Check the $800 build in my sig. Core i5 2500k + HD6950.
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    Check out my $850 build here it'll give you solid performance and allow you to SLI/CF in the future.

    1. The new FX chips are let down, not really worth the price.
    2. No, GPU price > PSU price
    3. Continuous is basically all power supplies that are decent. They'll just maintain the certain rating, the modular is cables are able to be detached or attached as opposed to all being on the PSU.
  5. He wanted an AMD build so he has to be a fan or a good reason of why he would want to use them
  6. Quote:
    He wanted an AMD build so he has to be a fan or a good reason of why he would want to use them

    Perhaps, he does Know that Intel is better and more viable option, he has not upgraded since Pentium 4 days.

    However, speculation has never been my strength :)
  7. At $850 there is better value from an intel i5 2400 build .

    The AMD FX processors definitely have strengths , but they have severe weaknesses too .
    For a pure gaming build that might not matter because the graphics system is more important than processor power , but for most people the intel is a better option .

    And in general spending money on a top end mb is not good value . Buy a $120 mb and spend the money you save on a more powerful graphics card .
  8. NCIX has the i5 2500k for 189.99, no need to buy the i5 2400 as it is the same price.
  9. Thanks for the input guys, as for the AMD CPU, I'll be sharing this computer with someone else as well, who also uses it for video-editing, Blender, and other various what-nots, so he likes to multi-task (hence the 6 cores), but I'm not really much of a fanboy of either side, so long as the performance is good and the price is reasonable.
  10. And as for the high-end M/B, I was thinking of adding better components as I go along, e.g. GPU, RAM, etc...
  11. ^ In terms of what you just said, the FX chips defiantly are very up and down on that area. There are areas where it excels in benching, and spots where they fail to keep pace with the Sandy Bridge chips. I honestly just suggest going with the 2500K, cheap but runs cool and has low TDP. The TDP is a big thing since the FX chips get real high on the TDP once OC versus the TDP rise on the 2500K.

    Even for multi-tasking a quad is defiantly enough. I use the AMD Phenom II 955 (8GB DDR3 1600) and I can run THG Forums while doing a Panoramic stitch in Photoshop (huge reso, like 25 megapixel+) just fine. So I suggest going with the 2500K. Not to say the FX-6100 is trash, but IT SEEMS, in my views of benches, CS5 performs well with the SB chips.
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