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I can buy an LCD monitor that has 25 ms response time for like $17 and I am wondering if anyone on here may have gamed on an older LCD monitor and can tell me if it is worth buying ? I am not a pro gamer nor is my son and we just wanted something to game on that is not a CRT. I know that many tvs have 16 ms response time unless they are put in gaming/pc mode so really how different is this ? The monitor is a 15" Dell ... 1504 FP.

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  1. for only $17 i would buy it and see how it goes.
  2. 25ms is horrid by any standard. To put it in perspective, a 60Hz refresh rate REQUIRES no worse then a 16ms response time to display all 60 images per second without any delay. And the listed response time is typically a best case scenereo [Grey to Grey], as Response Time varies across the color spectrum.

    You will get a ton of tearing across the screen. I have no doubt of that.
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