Msi N580GTX LXE 3GB red LED ligts


I have a MSI N580GTX lighting extreme card and i haven't noticed any problems while using it for 2 days now. I've been playing bad company 2 and Black ops with no problems.

My only problem is seeing red lights on my card i was wondering what they meant i looked in manual and doesn't mention a thing about it.

i believe These are the LED's that are red : LED 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 35

I hope they are nothing serious.if you could please post the error codes or provide a link

Thank you.
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  1. When you are playing 6 red lights indicate all phases are active. This lights are normal in all the MSI cards. I have two 460gtx and they have the same lights.
  2. I hope your right lol....... i believe i got 6 green and 6 red ... hard to count it, cause its so small.
  3. Ya. My 580 Lightning has red green light on as well, it normal
  4. ^
    Same, I have a MSI gtx 580 lighting and it has 6 green & red lights on.
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