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Antec EarthWatts EA-380D good choice? (Noise Wise)

My Athena 350w (bad choice in the first place) died and I have a Slimline tower that can only fit very small, specially made PSUs. I decided to buy a Antec EarthWatts because it was on the PSU recommended list and people said it was quiet. I'm going to run this outside my case, BTW.

Question: Is this PSU quiet / efficient? Honestly, all I wanted was something that was quiet but I've seen someone say that his made a loud whining noise. Others say it's extremely quiet so I was thinking maybe his was a defective one. The MOST important thing for me is noise (but I still want good performance).
Anyone who has this PSU, can you please tell me if it's actually quiet and what kind of noise it makes?

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    Just put noctua fans all over your case :P
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  3. I can't believe I put this answer as Best Answer. Just one reply... -_-
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