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27 inch monitor 1920x1080 vs 24 inch monitor 1920x1200


I currently have 2 24 inch Dell monitors that output a 1920x1200 resolution.

I just received an email with a pretty good deal on a samsung 27 inch LED but it's max resolution is 1920x1080.

I've read the forums pretty extensively when it comes to 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. I got my wife a 1920x1080 24 inch monitor for her pc and the difference between my 1920x1200 vs her 1920x1080 was really noticeable.

I don't particularly need to upgrade my monitors but was wondering if losing 120 pixels vertically will be as much of a difference going from a 24 to 27 as it was between my 24 and my wifes 24?
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    1) You should usually try to keep the same resolution for multiple monitors, but you haven't given details as to your reasons for having them.

    2) 27" for 1920x1080 is a problem because you can more easily see the space between pixels.

    3) there are always deals on computer monitors

    4) people with Widescreen monitors rarely scale the Internet properly. In particular, I use FIREFOX and CTRL+ mouse scroll to adjust the screen size. It remembers this for the web page until you change it.

    5) 1920x1080 (16x9 ratio) is the new standard to match HDTV's. 1920x1200 will phase out. On the other hand, web pages are currently optimized for the 4x3 ratio screens so higher is better than wider in that sense.

    I wouldn't buy another monitor without a better reason. I recommend putting your money away and waiting for a better monitor with these basic characteristics:

    1) 27" to 30" @ 2560x1440 ($500 or less)
    2) 2000:1 or higher True Contrast Ratio (TCR is currently 1000:1. Dynamic CR is a useless value. TCR accurately represents the amount of light LEAKING through the front LCD filter which is why blacks look grey and colors are never as accurate as the older CRT monitors.)
    3) better Anti-Gloss screen (prevents reflected light. I saw a demo of a screen where one-half used a new technique which is currently not in production. Huge difference!)

    *OLED screens solve most of these issues but a reasonably priced OLED monitor is likely at least three years away.
  2. I would most likely be buying 2 so the resolutions would be the same on both monitors. I use them for work, programming, gaming, and some occasional photo/video editing. I was just interested in how different 1920x1080 would look on a 27 vs on a 24. If it's just stretched onto the 27 and I get more to view on the 24, I'll most likely just hold on to the money like you recomended
  3. For working, I prefer the 1200 pixel vertical resolution - more data on screen.

    The thin black bars when watching a video do not bother me.
  4. I like the 1200 versions for two reasons ..... 1) more screen real estate for CAD and other apps where it comes in handy and 2) I can watch 1080 content (movies / games) and still leave that 120 pixels free on the bottom of the screen for quick access to browser, media controls etc.

    All tings being equal, the smaller screens will have a sharper image. If the Dells are the U2410, those are fine monitors with great skin tones and suitable for photo and video editing.
  5. The 1200 means more work space than 1080. It depends on what you do or what you use it for.

    For work 1200 is better than 1080
  6. Keep your Dell's man. They're great monitors. There's really no reason for the upgrade if they work fine.

    Andy H.
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