NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 problems

So I've got an old HP m8100n with the above listed chipset. I installed Win 7 32bit on it a while ago and didn't think twice. It's been running fine for over a year. Now, the moment when I want to re-purpose it and give it to a family member it's all screwed up.

I wiped the HD and reinstalled Win 7 32 and for a time it was ok. Now all of the sudden I'm getting all kinds of crazy beeping noises and BSODs (a couple different crash warnings). Now, even when I try to boot from the install disc I'm getting the beeping of death. Anyone know what this beep stuff means?

I tried going to NVIDIAs site and downloading legacy driver for the chipset -- but apparantly they don't support Win 7 so I downloaded and installed the Vista 32 one under Win 7 32 -- maybe not a good idea.

Any help appreciated. This dual core guy would be a great web surfer for my cousin.
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  1. my guess is bad video chip (the 6150) or motherboard. try unplugging everything leave it unplugged an hour os so to let it all cool down and discharge and try again.

  2. den start with the simple stuff first. check that the unit is dust free. lots of dust can cause an over heat or short. check that all the cpu fan is moving if it moving slow replace it. check that the ram sticks are seated. over time or moving a pc you can pop a dimm. use a hirem boot cd run smart test and vendor test on the main hard drive. beep/clicks could be the hard drive heads have crashed. easy test would be to unplug the power from the hard drive and see if the beeping stops. with hirem cd run memtest to see if the ram stick went bad. the last two parts would be a bad cap on the power supply or mother board.
    try another know good power supply see if the system becomes stable.
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