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Should i get a AMD 1090T, 1100T or a 8150FX for gaming and rendering?

Hello well i just 1 question atm im building a new pc and im just confused about my cpu i want a amd cause already had the motherboard and i think is cool amd but i just 1 question. Should i get a 1190 o 1100t or just spend a lil more for 8150Fx i already read liek 10000 of reviews where fx is not a good processor but i dont know if the fx could be better in rendering like autocad, archicad, revit, etc...

Please if someone could help me with this question would be lovely. Thanks

Sorry if my english is not the best.
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  1. the FX does does well in rendering and also video editing because those programs are well threaded. You would have to check the programs and benchmarks to see if the FX will do better than the 1100t.

    The FX does OC very well compared to the phenoms tho so that might be a plus if you want to try.
  2. The FX 8150, it is newer technology, and the drop off in gaming to the 1100T is not that bad, HPC on the FX 8150 is rather good.
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    fx is a productivity part not a gaming part. both cpu's that you mention b4 it will give better gaming performance the phenom x4 probably beating them all. if you want a gaming setup then go for the phenom2 and get the best 1 you can afford. the only app that the bulldozer does better than the turban is on photoshop on other productivity apps there still pretty close and so close in fact that its hardly worth the bother of picking 1 over the other.
  4. Sincerely? If you REALLY want a FX CPU, you should stick with FX-8120. Little clock difference and great price difference.
    Yet I would go with 1090T due to power consumption (these FX consumes a lot, specially if you overclock.. and in this case, a lot means A LOT)

    About these rendering softwares.
    If you need TOP performace you would need to change for a intel platform, if this isn't possible, 1090T should be enough for the tasks

    (unless you do HEAVY work at photoshop, where the FX are very good)
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