RAM: 6gb @ 333Mhz vs 4gb @ 400Mhz

I just got myself 2x2gb PC6400 modules to go with my 2x1gb PC5300.

I'm wondering, would i be better of with just 4gb running at a higher frequency?

My mother board is dual channel, not sure if it makes a difference, but I inserted same module in the slots with the same color (e.g. pc6400 in the green slots).

edit: BIOS setting is unganged
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  1. okay lets imagine the ram slots {cpu} 1 2 3 4
    you want to put a pair of ram in slot 1 and 3, and the second pair in slot 2 and 4

    dual channel means two channels so you have to have one ram stick per channel to make it run at dual mode

    also your faster ram will downclock itself to the slower ram speeds for compability
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