Need Info on my system

hi All

Would just like to know what you think about my PC and what i can do to make it better or if i made any mistakes, very gratefull for any help.

Im Running:
CPU: Intel i7 860
Mainboard: Intel H55 (H55M -P31 MS -7636
GPU: GeForce GT 140
Ram: 8Gigs DDR3
3TB HD in total
Not sure of my PSU but whats the preferd Size? should it be bigger than 550watts?

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  1. Umm not enough information, go to the top of the forums read the stickies and ask again please
  2. If you add a proper GPU, that could be a killer gaming rig. The 140 is OEM crap. Try something like a GTX560Ti ($220) + Antec Earthwatts 650W ($50 on Amazon).
  3. You have plenty of watts, not much video card.
  4. cant tell if he wants it for gaming or what so I'll wait lol
  5. Its for Gaming :) Thx for the response guys. so the GPU so far is were i fall short. What other info do you need ?
  6. What Zero_ said will work and be good, your budget is what we really need to know
  7. Well there isnt really a budget plus im from SA so when u guys give prices it cost more down this side of the world.. i just wana know what will work the best.. i am really liking what Zero said tho that GPU's reviews are great
  8. What's SA, that's pretty vague :lol: I'm guessing South Africa?
  9. You guessed Right :D congrads haha ya we work in Rand's and its R7 to 1 us doller
  10. What about the GTX 570 will that be a good option. How old is that GPU tho?
  11. it newer you can use the link below to compare GPUs against one another.
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