PC starts after several tries

My PC starts with a massive delay, and not necessarily fires up right off the bat. It needs to be powered on an hour or so before it actually works. the problem is this that in the start it doesn't power on, then later it powers on but off, then it works, now it just powers on and off, so i opened its side panel today, pressed the CMOS battery and the connections from PSU to Mobo and also the memory modules (I didn't removed anything just pressed them).
I usually get errors with PC and am usually able to figure out what is wrong but not this time until I saw American megatrends screen and msg which stated "Overclocking failed" which made me think and I concluded that my memory is doing something.
Question is why automatically? it worked fine for ages and now it started doing this. My RAM is unsupported by my CPU but everyone said that 1600MHz RAM works with Core i3 530. So why Auto OC and how can I fix it without getting 1333MHz Ram. Nothing wrong with those but I gotta know if i'm right and can anyone offer some advice.
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  1. here are the specs:
    Core i3 530
    Corsair xms3 1600mhz 2gx2
    CM GX750w PSU
    GTX 550ti GPU
    ASUS p7p55d-e lx Mobo
    win 7 ultimate 64bit OS
  2. it could be CMOS anybody can confirm that?
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