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Is it logical to assume my phenom ii (athlon) 840 x4 cpu will....

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February 3, 2012 7:50:48 AM

be adequate until the release of the new consoles at least? I couple this thing with a 560ti and i honestly do not see how people can say these things are outdated, generally that goes with all the phenom chips considering there isnt a game i can't max and play at playable rates unless we are talking about some heavily modded crysis/metro.

I get awesome performance in every game i throw at it. Relatively yes i know the i5's and generally intel beat out the phenoms by some margin in some few games(mmo's in particular)/a lot of synthetic benchmarks/programs used for encoding/decoding/converting information, however for gaming i think these things are perfect and over 50% of people should not dish out so much money just for a CPU. Its just getting annoying that people think your running some ancient machine when u can max any game that is currently out.

People tell me that soon i will need to upgrade my CPU as these things are very 'outdated'. I run this thing on its stock speeds and don't feel this is the case at all. My theory is that the emergence of multiplats in almost every game means that the majority of games released will essentially not require anything more than is currently needed in terms of multiplats (which now comprise the large majority of the industry) considering these titles have to run on CPU's from 2005. Therefore i conclude that this CPU will last me at least until the emergence of the new consoles where the lowest common denominator will raised by devs after a long 7-9 years depending on their release.

Do you agree? I just think people are giving bad advice giving the impression to new buyers that these things pale badly in comparison to the intel chips. It is just not the case when you look at the price you pay. By the time the new consoles come out, there will be even better chips that one can throw lots of money at, but right now i just cannot justify for me personally, or anyone on a budget shelling out so much for such cpu's. In saying that tho, if i had the money i would definitely get the i5 because i love my tech. Also in hindsight i should of gotten at least a BE 955, but seriously for 100 dollars its hard to feel like i made a bad choice.

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February 3, 2012 10:20:30 AM

people just talk out their butts because they have nothing better to do, they see a benchmark at 1280x1024 where the i5 gets 150 FPS and the phenom II gets 80 FPS and they say bottleneck, even though at 1920x1080 with some eye candy enabled the gap closes significantly, the 840 is fine

the q9450 is 4 years old and im still perfectly contented
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February 3, 2012 10:44:00 AM

This isn't entire true..

Some games DO HAVE a bigger performance, even on 1080p
Skyrim is a nice example.
Of course people usually exagerates, but they aren't THAT wrong.

The cpu is 'old'? Yes, it's 'old'. But far from being a bad one.
This AMD FX cpus are a good cpu? Yes, a good cpu, but intel today have a cpu that are faster, consumes less, usually faster at games but at a greater cost.

It all depends of availability and cost of the system. If you're going to a SLI or a Crossfire route.

There's so many variables to consider than just fps in games.

if the system serves you well, do not feel bad in not upgrading it.
But be sure...a thing I always say is: just be sure of what is out there. Look at a system with FX cpus, try it a little, feel the system. Look for someone with a sandy-bridge, try it a little. See how smooth these systems. If after that you still happy with your computer, no need to upgrade... well.. if not happy, you know what to do :) 

Following my own advice I did this upgrade path these last 5 years.
Athlon X2 4400 + 9600GT -> E8500 + 9600GT -> E8500 + GTX 460 -> i7 2600k + GTX 460 -> i7 2600k + SLI GTX 460
February 3, 2012 10:51:55 AM

With the exception of a few CPU-heavy and perhaps poorly optimized games(Starcraft II comes to mind), I think your CPU will last this season, maybe the next. In the end it all depends on how high you want to crank your games, what resolution you are playing etc.
With that said, the difference between Intel and AMD CPUs right now is beyond colossal... If you checked out Tom's latest bench, you 'll know that even a cheapo Pentium G860 is annihilating the entire AMD line-up.
So yes, your CPU will last, but right now, I wouldn't recommend AMD to anyone for any reason whatsoever.