May have broken my RAM! Please help!

I've done something incredibly stupid and I need help. The RAM on my pc wasn't performing at the right speeds and seemed to always run at half of what I set it to. I'm using 1866mhz Corsair dominator platinum memory, which ran at 933mhz when set to run at its correct speed in the BIOS. I tried increasing it to 2133mhz just to see if it would also simply halve it (I know, this sounds really stupid). Basically this resulted in the computer being unable to boot as it kept turning itself off after a few seconds of having turned it on. I've since reset the BIOS manually on the motherboard and the computer is now turning on and actually staying on.

The problem now is that I'm getting no display whatsoever on my monitor. I opened up my case and saw that the LED that indicates there's something wrong with the RAM is glowing red. Is there any way of resolving this or have I actually fried my RAM? My motherboard is a Asus Maximus V Extreme and I'm running two 660ti's in SLI with a 3770k processor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try using 1 ram stick at a time.

    If you have extra sockets, buy more ram to test. If it's not a ram problem, you end up with more ram. Yay

    Try reseating the cmos battery also. This saved me a few tmes from a bad overclock. You have to remove the power cord when you do this.
  2. The DDR in DDR3 stands for double data rate. DDR RAM transfers data twice per clock, meaning if your RAM was set at 1866mHz in the BIOS then the clock would read as 933mHz (half of 1866).

    When you boot and the computer hangs with the RAM LED lit, press and hold the button next to the LED until it starts blinking. It should clock your RAM down and set timings that will be compatible with the motherboard and allow it to POST and boot. You can then enter the BIOS and set your clock, voltage, and timings back to where you want them to be.
  3. Thanks a lot guys, everything seems to be working fine now (although I may have broken my case a little bit when I was fiddling around with things...). I got it working by running it on just one of the RAM chips which let me boot properly and change the clock speed in the BIOS. Thanks again for the help, and it's good to know my RAM is actually running at the right speeds!
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