PC stopped working, no boot, no beeps, no vga

TL;DR: asus m5a97 mobo, AMD FX-4100 cpu; both are about 6 months old, suddenly no boot, no beeps, no vga.

So for about 6 months now I've had the following build: ASUS M5A97/AMD FX-4100 Zambezi/AMD EE 6gb (4gb+2gb) DDR3 1333Mhz RAM/ASUS ATI Radeon 6670HD/some old SATA Hitachi hard-drive/LG GH24 DVD-Drive.

A couple of days ago it stopped working all of a sudden; when i turn it on, LEDs are lit and fans are spinning fastm, but BIOS doesn't boot and it doesn't beep. My friend and I tested out hard-drive and video-card, they seemed to be working on different pc, so did my monitor.
I went over the check-list that frequently posted here, tried different RAM-sticks - same thing. Figured it was probably psu, so got a different power supply and nothing changed.
I've read a bunch of posts here about people having problems with bios updates with m5a97 mobos and AMD FX processors, but that seemed to be the case with brand new components that people just got done putting together. Would that apply to mine as well? Or is it a cpu/mobo that died out?
Any thoughts? Help/pointers would be appreciated.
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  1. In your case, I would say it sounds like you've done a pretty good job of narrowing it down to either the CPU or motherboard. Given that you have LEDs lighting up, fans spinning, etc, I'm a little more inclined to think the CPU simply went bad, but there could certainly be a case made for it being the motherboard.

    Unfortunately at a point like this you just need to pick a component and send it back. Either you guess right, and things work, or you guess wrong and have to send back the other part. So unless there's anything you left out, like maybe you were attempting a BIOS update when things went sideways, flip a coin or whatever you want to decide which component to RMA.
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