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What would be the best possible graphics card for 200 dollars. ive looked around and found the amd 6870, and the gtx 560. i play a bunch of games and record with fraps. if there is any other cards that would produce the best performance for gaming.

here is my rig:
amd phenom II X4 955 BE
Saphire HD 5450 1 GB
Crosshair V Formula Mobo
8 GB G-skill Rip jaw Memory @1600
Raidmax 630 Watt Power Supply
Corsair H60 Coller
Cm Storm Enforcer Case
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  1. gtx560 TI, $190 ( rebate ), $204 ( rebate ) $225 ( rebate )
    I'm not complete sure if your PSU can handle it though, it has enough watts but it's not the best of brands and i have been reading some bad reviews about it.
  2. thanks ill look into it and see whet i get when i get the money. but by then the 7000 and 600 series cards may be out. because they should be right around the corner
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