CL9 RAM vs CL11 for an AMD APU?

My laptop is an Acer V3-551-8887 using the A8-4500m with integrated graphics. I'm running windows 7 64-bit. According to this Acer support page, the CPU is natively compatible with 1600mhz RAM (unless I'm misinterpreting it). I can't find anything on the mother board. I use this computer for gaming (first-person shooters).

Here are the 3 kits I'm considering:

The first two are CL11 and 1.35v, and the last one is CL9 and 1.5v. They're all 1600MHz.

Will my computer benefit from 1600mhz RAM?
The first two will produce less heat heat than the third one. Will this make up the performance difference between CL9 and CL11?
I don''t know anything about overclocking, but could I overclock the Samsung RAM to CL9?

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  1. My opinion is that it doesn't really matter. The differences that you would have are so minute that you wouldn't notice. From what i have read these new apu's benefit from higher frequencies anyway
  2. oh and with a laptop you're not likely going to be able to overclock much, if not at all
  3. Underdog is wrong on this one...

    AMD APUs LOVE RAM frequency and lower latency.

    If your laptop supported it I would have suggested 1866MHz RAM but unfortunately it does not.

    That is the one I would get... You really want lower latency with the AMD APUs...
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    Yeah those are good too, pretty much equally good. I prefer Corsair though...
  5. The Corsair RAM has a slightly better latency (9-9-9-24 vs 9-9-9-27) which I didn't notice before. The Kingston RAM has a heat spreader though. Is the Corsair RAM still better?
  6. By a VERY small margin, the first three digits are what really matter...

    Heat-spreaders have never really mattered much if you don't OC, and you won't be OCing anyway.
  7. Thanks for your help :) I'm going to get the Corsair RAM.
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