System Not Powering on - Help!

Hi all,

I have just build a new system - but after putting everthing together the damn thing refuses to power up :cry:

Here are the specs;-
Fractal Design R3 case
i5 2500k CPU
8GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
120GB OCZ Agility3 SDD
Antec 650W PSU
Asus P8Z68-V LX Mobo
XFX Radeon 6950 GPU
Arctic Freezer 7 CPU fan

The System Standby (ready) light is on. As far as I can tell all cables, power and otherwise, are connected.
I have tried removing and reconnecting the PWRSW to the jumper points and even turning it round. but still nothing

Anything I have missed? Or advice?

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  1. Ok, So I have tried a different power switch, still nothing. Will now try a different PSU

    Please update with any suggestions. Thanks
  2. Tried a different PSU - Still nothing. Starting to suspect the mobo...
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    Did u check the manual to check you have the correct header connections ?
  4. you could also remove the power switch header and use a screw drive to make the connection.. you could possibly have a bad button.

    also.. make sure the motherboard isnt being grounded.. Make sure you have acquitted standoffs off your case.
  5. Thanks for suggestions but I found the problem......

    The Mobo didnt come with a CMOS jumper. I stole one from my old rig and hey presto! works fine.

    Think i will be contacting ASUS about that
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