Choosing a reliable board: What am i paying for?

Good afternoon!

I'm researching a much needed upgrade and am picking an lga 1155 motherboard to match with an Intel Xeon E3 1230v2 cpu.
Obviously, I'm not looking for an overclocking king board, but assume that higher quality components make for a more stable and longer life.

Two Boards I'm considering at the MSI Z77MA-G45 and the AsRock Z77 Extreme4-M.
(Here's a compare link: here )

I want a board with the option of dual PCIe3.0 that can go either SLI/CFX. I also need at least 2 pcex1 connectors if i stick with all the addon boards i currently have (one wifi and one tv/video input). They both support my choice of cpu, and should run standard 1600 ddr3 ram natively.

Both boards have similar layouts and specs and would suit my needs for the foreseeable future.
I just would love to know how justified that 50-60$ split is between them.

I'm assuming they both have a 1-3 year warranty.
If anyone knows any 5 year warranties similar boards, I'd love to know!
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