Is My Ram Faulty?

Hello, i bought my computer a while back and it had 1 stick of Transcend Jet Ram 4GB Memory Module PC3-10600 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM

Lately i've been having a lot of problems which are common symptoms of faulty ram such as games such as Far Cry 3 which are computer intensive crashing to desktop/freezing or i'm getting graphical glitches. I also seem to get BSOD's on start up which are caused by the ntoskrnl.exe with the odd occurance of Ntfs.sys and today i even got one that is said to be caused by rdyboost.sys. The errors i receive are "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" "CRITICAL_OBJECTS_TERMINATION and "NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM which in another post someone said they were also an indication of faulty ram. However i've ran memtest for 6 passes and i got no errors, i will redo it tonight but is there any chance memtest could be wrong?

I'm asking this since i'm thinking about buying another 4gb ram but it may not be the problem.
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  1. I have had times that memtest has not blown any errors, but ram was still going bad. It also could be the slots on the motherboard (just a thought). Try downloading and burning a hirens boot disk and running some of the diagnostic tests on your hardware.
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