First use screen freezes windows 7

Hey guys,

First time I've needed to post before, but this new build is starting to cause me pain. I've clean installed Windows 7 (installed fine on other machines) and keeps hanging on the "setup is preparing to run windows for the first time" or "setup is checking video performance". Gone through most bios options with no change, here's the setup.

CPU: AM3 x4 955 black edition
RAM: 2 x 4gb G. Skill RipjawsX
GPU: Radeon 4870 x2
PS: Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 850W
HD: 2TB WD GreenPower
OPT: Pioneer BluRay Burner

Still an amateur builder so I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks.
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  1. I would check that the all the power cables to the video card are properly connected.

    I myself ran into an issue where I had to update the bios on the Mobo before I could get Win7 installed.
    This was an intel system and gigabyte board, but perhaps you have a similar problem here.
  2. After a few hours, finally windows came up. Never happened like that before.
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