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My computer died last weekend. I want to wait until Haswell comes out next year before replacing it. I have an old XP desktop that I've powered on to use in the meantime. The XP boots and works just fine. So I decided to take my 8800GT card from the dead computer and plug it into the XP.

When I turn it on, it beeps in a long constant single beep that never ends. I can go into the bios, but I fear keeping the computer on too long while it's singing, so I just shut it off. If I remove the graphics card and go back to the onboard video, it works just fine with no beeps.

For reference, the XP computer (Cisnet) uses an MSI motherboard. It has a PCI-E slot and also SATA ports. My dead computer is a Q6700 Kentsfield with an Intel DG33TL motherboard.

I believe that the problem might be the power supply, but I'm not certain. The computer only beeps when the graphics card is plugged in. Any ideas?

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  1. Looks like power issue, make sure you have big enough PSU and plug power from it to the card.
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