First computer build, need advice :)

Hi all,

this is my first post on toms hardware, and i love the community and the available aspects.
Here is my problem.
People say you are most likely to get a cheaper computer and better when you create them yourself.
So i set up an computer that is within my budget ( just abit over budget, but thats ok)
Can you please comment on how well this set up can play all current games on highest quality?

this bullet point below is a upgrade kit from Alternate
Moederborden Socket 1155
ALTERNATE Upgrade Kit MSI H61M-E33 (B3)/i3 2100/4GB
Intel® H61 Express, µATX, Onboard, 1x PCIe 2.0 x16, 1155
• Intel® H61 (PCH) maximaal 4 apparaten, 300 MB/s1
• USB 2.0 Controller 60 MB/s, USB 2.0, maximaal 127 apparaten1
• CPU-Afhankelijk CPU-Afhankelijk1
• Realtek ALC887 4 x Line-out, Realtek ALC8871
• Realtek RTL8111E 1 x RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Mbps1
• Core™ i3-2100 2x 3100 MHz, 2x 256 kB, 3072 kB, Sandy Bridge1
• 4 GB DDR3-1333 Kit 4096 MB, CL9 9-9-24, 2 stuk(s), PC3 106661
• Processor cooler 1
Price 178.80

So then i had to add a few more components to make it a complete set

GPU : graphic cards AMD Radeon HD6000
MSI R6850 Cyclone 1GD5 Power Edition/OC
AMD Radeon HD6850, 1024 MB, 256 Bit, PCIe x16 v2.0, PCIe x16 v2.1
Price 134,90

Voedingen tot 600 Watt (uhhh voeding is dutch.. dont know exact translation but the 600 watt should make it clear :D )
OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W
500 Watt, ATX12V 2.2, ATX 2.03, EPS, 6 x, 4 x
Price 54,90

Behuizingen Midi Tower ( awesome looking tower, looks abit like alienware)
Aerocool CyborgX
5x 5,25" extern, 5x 3,5" intern, ATX, µATX
Price 66,90

Harddisks 3,5 inch SATA (i read that its very quiet, and fast, what more u want ? :D )
Samsung HD502HJ
500 GB, 8,9 / 16 / 7200, € 0,27*, Serial ATA/300
Price 134.90

DVD-drives IDE ( Need to play disks somehow right? )
LiteOn IHDP118
18 / 48 speed, 5 speed, Ultra DMA/33
Price 15,90

Controllers IDE ( for some reason it said i needed this because i did nto have enough ide controllers..., no idea what it means though)
Dawicontrol DC-133 RAID
maximaal 4 apparaten ( maximum of 4 equipments/machines), RAID 0, 1, 10, PCI, 133 MB/s
Price 44,90

I hope this set up will allow me to play the latest games fluently on the highest quality and will be just awesome.

Thank you in advance, if you need more information, i dont have any :D im not that great with PC, not a total failure in it, but not great.
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  1. I wouldn't buy from a place that advertises a dual core as 2x 3100 MHz, as though it was a 6200 MHz unit. The new target GPU after BF3 launch is 6950 or 570 - I prefer 6950 personally.
  2. You don't want IDE drive with IDE controllers. Get SATA and you already have built in SATA controllers on the mobo.

    I'd also go with the ocz psu since I don't know what the other one is. 600W is meaningless without the amperage on the 12V line.
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