Need help with choosing a motherboard - Budget gaming build

So building a gaming rig for a friend, here's the specs so far:

Intel i3-3225
8GB DDR 1600 Gskill Ripjaw RAM
500GB WD Black HDD
Radeon 7850 2GB GPU

So buying a mobo from microcenter since they have bundle deal, picked up the cheapest one I saw which was MSI Z77A-G41 for $25 after combo savings (had 2x pci-e which is what we wanted). However, I've been reading some reviews and info on the mobo and it seems to have a few negatives.

Was wondering if anyone could tell me if the board will do fine for this gaming build or if I need to spring for a higher end board, like Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 @ $95 which had great reviews / tom's reccomended or if theres something in between? Thanks
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  1. The msi board should work fine; I would get it at microcenter since you can return it if it doesn't post and it's a z77 board. Every board has some negatives; some are from operator errors when installing.
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