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PSU compatibility HELP!

What 1000W PSU is compatiable with this current setup? The mobo? (specs below) Just bought new case which wants an extra 100w for the fans and controller i will be adding 7970 in comming days to replace the 6870. I currently run a 750w standard supply and want to upgrade just scared not knowing compatiablitys.......shoot me the best 1000w amazon link range not over 190$ and im going to buy right now please hurry thanks
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  1. Hello aubrey08;

    What's the hurry? What PSU are you using now?
    HD 7970 only needs a 650W PSU to be happy.

    What case does the new 1000W PSU need to fit in?
  2. Using 750w. nzxt phantom case comes tomarrow im gonna switch cases and current case only has 1 fan. By tomarrow i would be adding 100w of fans to power and i clueless what will happen once i even add the 7970 soon i have 2 hours to put in order so i have it when the case comes.
  3. Throttle back - you have plenty of power for the upgrades.

    100w of fans?? you're adding 20 Fans?
  4. Five 20W per Channel fan control totaling 100W
  5. look at phantom case on amazon
  6. aubrey08 said:
    Five 20W per Channel fan control totaling 100W
    It doesn't work that way.
    Add the wattage of the fans. That fan controller could handle 100W's worth of fans. But that would be like 30+ 200MM led fans if they were the CM Megaflows.
  7. Got a link to the case?
  8. Included fans:
    1 x LED 200mm
    1 x LED 120mm
    3 X 120mm

    That's under 15watts worth of fans.
  9. Five 20W per Channel fan control totaling 100W
    Four fans included with case (1x200mm, 3x120mm)

    guess i just got thrown off cause it has a fan controller installed aswell
  10. So adding this case and the 7970 will be ok with my 750w psu
  11. 1 x LED 200mm 5.04W
    1 x LED 120mm ?? could not tell from the NZXT website
    3 X 120mm 1.92W x 3
  12. 750W will be fine.

    The controller will handle 100W (capability) - 20W on each of five channels. But it will only draw a small amount of power on it's own to light up the display.
    The rest of the load is determined by the fan wattages involved.
  13. Sorry i'm an idiot that why im here very new to pc and cautious. I will be switching cases tomm and im pretty scared cause i will be doing it on my own and never done it before. I have a 120cc liquid cooled cpu cooler attached to my board and wires bundled up and my psu sits uptop and this case has on bottom. Looking forward to the learning process. Thanks for your time
  14. Your welcome.

    Take your time and look over the layout till you have a clear understanding how everything needs to get routed.

    What PSU are you working with? You might need to flip it 180 in that case.
  15. That's one of the Corsair Hydro 120mm CPU coolers?
  16. Won't be a problem with the PSU fan and ventilation:
  17. I bought this pc from ibuypower last year, the cooler has no name on it. The PSU is standard xion 700w psu i found it on my paper order which it actually says 700w *** i always thought it was a 750
  18. I cant find powersupply information on my device manager?
  19. Does that XION also have a model #.
    Some of those budget PSU use PEAK wattage instead of Continuous wattage ratings.
  20. True, Device Manager can't spy on the PSU hardware.
    Check the PSU label for anything like a model #.
  21. s1011006477

    Does the cpu coolers use alot of watts? its 120cc cant tell u anything more paper is in bad shape heheh
  22. I like those newer psu that have the individual cords and slots, which make it easier for newcomers and alot more cord friendly/neat looking...mine is bunched and twistide together.....
  23. I couldnt make a match on that number.

    A XION 700W label as example:

    It's got 46Amps of +12 power which puts it close to an premium 600W PSU.

  24. Probably an Astek self contained liquid cooler.
    Only the 120mm fan and pump drawing power.
  25. Your PSU has 2x PCIe 6pin power leads and the HD 7970 wants 1x 6pin and 1x 8pin but I don't think that's a show stopper.
  26. Yea i have 2 six pin connectors on my 6870. And theres a 2 pin hanging not plugged into anything....plug that with it and i would hit the 8pin required mark correct? Sorry for any confusion
  27. Add that 2 pin hanging connector with 1 6 pin into the 8 pin port on the 7970 and then just plug in the single 6 pin
  28. A 2pin connected to one of the graphics cards 6pins? That would make up the 8pin.
  29. Right - I was going off a spec sheet that said it only had 2x 6pin... when yours has 1x 6pin and 1x 6+2pin.
    Your 7970 will be happy with that.
  30. Best answer
    I think you're good to go with what you have.
    It would have been nice to find an indedpedent review for that PSU but google didnt turn up any.

    The only reason to swap PSUs would be to get something to help with cable management.
    But I think you'll find having the PSU on the bottom makes it easier to stuff the unused cables out of the way.
  31. Awesome your the man!
  32. When switching cases should i leave the cpu cooler attached to the board when moving it over. If possible that would save alot of trouble
  33. I think you'll be able to do that. Just detach the cooler fan last and be sure to support it to keep the cable flex at a minimum. A 2nd pair of hands there would be a big help.
  34. Ahh yes thats what i told my wife hahaha
  35. aubrey08 said:
    I like those newer psu that have the individual cords and slots, which make it easier for newcomers and alot more cord friendly/neat looking...mine is bunched and twistide together.....

    you mean a modular power supply

    that has detachable cables
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