The motherboard splash screen does not appear

Hello, I just built a computer two days ago. It has a MSi A85X motherboard, A10 APU, 750W Corsair CX750, 2x4 GB of Patriot Viper RAM at 1600mhz, ASUS DVD drive, and a 2 TB Seagate Barracuda. I turn on the computer and the fans go on. The motherboard seems to have power going to it. However, the splash screen does not appear. I have tried reseating everything possible and have my PC connected to my TV via category 2 Bluerigger HDMI cable. I have not yet installed an operating system. Could it be that I need to start installing an OS for the motherboard splash screen to appear? Please list some causes and solutions.
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  1. first, you do NOT need an O/S for the bios to appear on screen.

    you could try to reset the bios via jumper.

    also could try booting without any drives or peripherals connected.

    if that doesnt help, try booting with just one stick of RAM (test with both, one at a time)

    if you have another power supply around, try that.

    if none of these options work, you could have a bad motherboard or ram (or CPU, but that would be rare)
  2. how would I do that?
  3. lol, which part?
  4. BIOS jumper reset.
  5. try the mb on a table top to see that it not shorted out in the case. most new builders forget the standoffs and the small 4/8 pin atx power cable.
  6. I did not forget that. I installed the standoffs before placing in the motherboard. More or less because my motherboard warranty info said that it would void my warranty if I put it on anything aside from the standoffs in my case and the phillips hex combo screws.
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