GA-X58A-UD3R - Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device Unknown?


I am using Win 7 Home Premium 64bit OS and i noticed that my motherboard GA-X58A-UD3R - Marvell 91xx Config ATA Device is unspecified device. I went to download the latest firmware for SATA and USB3.0, but i still that unspecified device under my devices.

Can someone please advise? Thanks
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  1. check your motherboard bios vresion.
  2. MY Bios is version 2.4.
    Version date: 20/4/2010

    I found the information from Start>Program>Accessories>Tools>System Information
  3. That is Award code version.
    You need to find bios by pressing del in post and function key F9 to see the bios version.
  4. You need download the "Marvell Console Driver (SATA3)" from gigabyte
  5. If i am not wrong, it is main FA and the version date was around Oct 2010.
  6. and you need update to FH in advance.
  7. I have not done a Bios update before. How do i go about updating to FH? Any advice? Thanks
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    Whether you have GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 2.0) or (rev. 1.0) the Marvell drivers are the same. Further, I do NOT recommend Marvell for the 'boot' drive(s) unless you have (1) one SSD connected to it.

    I'd first disconnect any drives (HDD or SSD) connected to the Marvell SATA ports, next install the driver(s) listed below, restart, shut down, and lastly connect a drive to the first Marvell SATA port (GSATA3_6).

    1. Marvell Console Driver (SATA3) ; required
    2. Marvell RAID Utility (SATA3) ; optional but install after Marvell Console Driver

    If for some reason you want or need to update the BIOS then only use Q-Flash. Before doing so I recommend that you boot into the BIOS, Load Optimal settings, Save = 'Yes', reboot then follow the videos listed below. Afterwards redo whatever BIOS changes required e.g. if using AHCI then change back to AHCI problems see -

    Nice 3-part video on Q-Flash:
  9. Thanks i will try it out.
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